A&D PizzaBuilding a new home or business, or adding on to an existing one, requires a town/city approval process.  We have worked successfully in hundreds of towns throughout New England (MA, CT, RI, and ME) to get approvals for clients.  A recent approval we received for a client in Millbury, MA is a good example of what Land Planning, Inc can do for you.  We were able to get a large addition approved to an existing popular downtown pizza shop & restaurant.  We surveyed property lines and the existing conditions, we created a parcel of land to be purchased for the pizza restaurant expansion on a record-able plan.  We designed a site plan proposing new infiltration structures for the increased drainage.  We designed a site plan, lighting plan, floor plans, elevation plans, a landscape plan, and a community impact.  We submitted the project to the town with all the appropriate forms, signatures, fees, and legal notices.  We attended meetings representing our client.  We responded to concerns the town had with the design, such as a deep cut and the possibility of blasting in the down town area.  We made the small changes to the plan to reflect the towns wishes.  For example the restaurant agreed to reseal and re-stripe the parking area after the addition is built.  Look for the new construction to commence this spring at A&D Pizza in Millbury, MA.