Decades of Experience

Founded in 1984 Land Planning, Inc. has been doing a great job for our clients for over twenty eight  years.   With fully staffed offices in Hanson, Bellingham and Grafton we have been able to design, permit , stakeout, inspect and certify projects throughout New England.

On average, our engineers and surveyors have been with our company over twenty years.  Each of our personnel are highly skilled, educated and trained in their field.  This is very important in a profession that requires accuracy, integrity and professionalism.

Our engineers are most familiar with the Towns in which they have repeatedly work .  They are familiar with the regulations and with the way the people in each Town “like things done”.  In order to do a good job at what we do you need to know all of the State, Federal and local regulations pertaining to the Planning Board, Conservation Commission, Building Inspector and Board of Health.   However, that alone is not sufficient.  Each Town Board has their own specific unwritten set of rules.

For example, in some Towns they will not allow any work within fifty feet of a wetland.  In other Towns it may be a twenty five foot no touch zone.   Some Town’s require Planning Board approval before Conservation Commission approval, while other Towns do not.

In addition to knowing the personal preferences of the various Board members, our engineers have knowledge of the Town infrastructure and history.  For example the engineers in Grafton know where the Town wells are, which parts of the Town have town sewer and town water, where the former town land fills are and where the hazardous waste  sites are in Town.  These are important and sometimes critical bits of information that an inexperienced firm would not know.

In addition to having excelent staff, we have outfitted them with excellent equipment including the latest  technology in software, computers, and land surveying equipment.  Our survey crews have EDMs  and Global Positioning equipment, and utilize data collectors, to minimize the chance of field error and to make them most efficient in their work.

Following is a list of various items that we have designed, permitted, supervised construction of and inspected and certified in the past twenty eight years:  Septic systems, residential, commercial  and industrial subdivisions and site plans, foundations, retaining walls, beams, columns, trusses, trench sheeting and shoring, sewer and water mains and pump stations, stormwater management systems, infiltration systems, retention and detention facilities, rain gardens, wetland restorations, hazardous waste 21E investigations and remediation’s, Superfund site containment, drive through restaurants, lumber yards  and banks, elementary, middle and senior high schools,  factories, warehouses, dams, reservoirs, cell towers, roads, highways, bridges, parks and playgrounds.