We are near the time of year when the ground water will hit the seasonal high, which is important in designing septic systems.  Many towns only allow soil tests to be done in this season, in order to get an accurate reading of high ground water.  Septic systems must be designed four feet above seasonal high ground water.  If you are buying or selling a home with an old septic system, more often than not you will need to build a new septic system.  The sale of a home can be problematic when a septic system repair is holding up the sale.  If the town agent will only allow soil testing in early spring, missing the deadline can mean waiting a year for approvals and losing a buyer for your home.  The first step to selling your home is to have a title five inspection to see if your existing system will pass.  Land Planning, Inc. can both inspect your septic system and design the most cost effective repair if one is needed.  We can identify wetlands if nearby and handle the conservation approval effort.  We can work with escrow accounts to get a sale done faster.  We will advise you to take advantage of special septic repair town loans, and septic repair tax right-offs.  Get the ball rolling today and we will provide you with a free estimate.