Accurate, Cost Effective, Solutions

A good design starts with a good concept plan, which considers all aspects of the project including client goals, costs, schedule, potential for approval, risks, and potential project benefits.  It also must be based upon accurate information about the potential site and a solid understanding of the local zoning regulations and by-laws.

One of the less talked about, but most important starting points is an accurate determination of the property boundary lines.  Most engineering companies sub-contract out their property line surveys.  We do them with our own, well trained, experienced and highly skilled, land surveyors.

All New England States use the colonial style of land surveying rather than the grid style used throughout most of the United States.  A colonial style survey is called a retracement survey because we strive to retrace the work of the original surveyor who laid out the original property lines.  When reading the old deeds,  it is often difficult to determine the meaning of the calls for the original monuments.  Only with experience and due diligence can accurate property line calls be made.  Trying to design a project with inaccurate property line information can be disastrous.  Other critical surveying data include topography, flood plane and wetland resource boundaries.

Anyone can draw some lines in their computer and call it a design.  However, how cost effective is it?   Will the design balance site earth cuts and fills or will you have to needlessly spend thousands of dollars buying dirt.  Will the design avoid ledge, or will you have to  spend thousands of dollars blasting and removing ledge.  Is it necessary to fill wetlands and trigger a Water Quality Certificate and an Army Corps permit, or could you have avoided all of those expenses?  Is your building entrance easily handicap accessible or must you have a long, expensive and unsightly ramp.  Will the design be readily approved by the approving authorities, or will you need to totally redesign the project again and again?

We started our company in 1984 and most of our engineers have been with us for more than twenty years.  We know the regulations and pitfalls and our design teams can come up with creative  solutions to your design problems.  These solutions will save you money, improve your project, speed up your projects approval, and reduce your construction costs.