Town/city approvals for some work can take several months.  Now is the perfect time to hire Land Planning, Inc. to survey your site and design a site plan to apply for town approvals.  By the time the town has inspected the site, reviewed the plans and held town meetings, the flowers will be in bloom.

The leaves are down improving vision for our surveyors and the cold will not  slow down our field crew.  Unlike many land surveying companies, we employ our field crew year round.  Land surveying estimates will be noticeably less expensive at this time of year.

Using GIS (Geographic Information System) and other online data, we can locate wetlands, lot lines, structures, and other site features approximately.  This is a great way to determine the development potential and value of your parcel.  For a few hundred dollars and without leaving the office, we can create realistic conceptual sketches of residential, commercial or industrial developments.  These concept plans can be used for a tax abatement, real estate pricing, or preliminary town submissions.

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